Need healing today? 5 tips to take back your joy!

Have you ever been around one of those people that is just always happy? You know the type. They’re always smiling, always kind and uplifting. They don’t let bad moments ruin their day. They know how to turn the other cheek and keep on going. I don’t think having that kind of attitude is just luck. It’s not like we’re destined to either be happy or not. We get to choose. 

In Proverbs chapter 17, verse 22 it says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

What an interesting word picture. At first this one seemed straight forward to me. But after more reflection upon it, I think there is more to it. 

A cheerful heart. What exactly is that? The definition of cheerful is as follows:

1a : full of good spirits : merry

1b : ungrudging, cheerful obedience

2: conducive to cheer : likely to dispel gloom or worry 

This is what sticks out to me from this definition:

Full of good spirits, ungrudging and likely to dispel gloom. What is interesting about these is that they are action words. Being full of cheer and dispelling gloom are actions. They call us forth to do, to work, to try! It’s likely you haven’t heard the word ungrudging before. Neither had I before working on this post. But I wanted to understand it more. Merriam-Webster defines it as “being without envy or reluctance.” 

So to have a cheerful heart we should dispel gloom, we should not allow worry to plant itself in our minds and we should not be envious toward others. Focus on the positive. One of my favorite verses is Phillipians 4:8 which says, “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”

I work in a field of healthcare and I have seen many times how patients that are generally unhappy have a harder time getting better. They can’t see how they will ever recover. Their pain in the now blocks any hope for a future without it. 

Henry Ford said it best, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!” 

I often forget it’s my choice to be cheerful. Here are a few things I think of to help me be more cheerful (especially when I don’t feel like it): 

1) Life is fleeting. It’s not worth it to me to stay bitter towards someone. Plus, God expects us to forgive others as He has forgiven us!

2) Proverbs 14:30 says, “A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.” Being envious of others only hurts ourselves. 

3) Most things that steal our joy are short term. Solomon said, “Life is a vapor.” It’s over quickly. For me, this reminds me to let go of negativity, fear and uncertainty. The Lord says not to worry about anything. He’s got this!

4) Remember that we are all human! Each of us will make mistakes and let others down. If you’ve let someone down, try to apologize and make it right but don’t beat yourself up! If someone has let you down, give them a break and realize that no one is perfect. When we extend grace to ourselves and others, life is a lot smoother. 

5) Jesus died for all! When we get angry at others and feel as if someone else isn’t worth love, we have to remind ourselves that Jesus died for them too. *Maybe it’s not anger we feel toward others… I know sometimes for me, I can feel irritated and impatient with myself and others. I forget my value as a daughter of God and therefore forget the value of others. We are all loved and sought out by our creator, our maker, our Heavenly Father. 

Lord, help me decide today to be more cheerful! Help me to love and see others through your eyes. I love you and thank you for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. 

Love letter from God

I know you.

I know more about you than you do.

I get you.

I understand you.

I know what you mean when you try to explain yourself.

I know how you really feel when you can’t show it right.

I love you.

I love you unconditionally.

I loved you before you were.

I have had you in my heart from the beginning of creation.

You are mine.

I sent my son to die for you!

I desire to be with you in heaven for all of eternity.

– Love, God

Where is the battlefield?

It’s been an emotional week but as I sit here now, I’m on the upswing. I don’t know if it was JC starting to school or some other hormonal thing going on, but for some reason I’ve been moody for a solid week. Unfortunately my birthday was smashed right in the middle of that week so it was not enjoyable. I was so irritable and couldn’t even stand myself to the point that it made me sick (which perpetuated it)… 😦

Where am I today?

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Hard work is a blessing

Last weekend we finally got to work on the yard. It had been sitting idle with half finished projects, plants that needed to be moved, weeds that needed pulling and/or spraying, storage buildings that needed some rearranging… the usual. We got the itch to work outside and I have to say, I’m very pleased with it. We got some new patio chairs and after cleaning off the porch and putting some things in storage, it now looks tidy and clean.

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Knowing God vs Knowing About God

I think the devil uses my Type A, technical personality to trip me up on this one. I am really black and white about things and prefer to have clear, concise steps, rules and regulations. I have often struggled with the different between knowing God and knowing about God because it can feel like knowing Him is an abstract reaching for the wind. 

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Proverbs 16 – When we don’t know what to do…

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3

How many times have we heard this verse? But how many times have we really stopped to wonder what this verse means? I feel like every time I turn around I am in a predicament that ends up landing me in the valley of “what to do?”

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A quick personal post

Hey guys/gals! I hope you are enjoying Proverbs as much as I am! The Lord is really speaking to me and giving me opportunities to practice what I am learning. Keep praying for me and I am for you. The devil doesn’t want us to join forces against him. For years I felt like my “good” life was all I needed. But looking back, I missed out on many opportunities to really be a vessel for Him to use. Are you using your gifts for him? How can we do better? Jesus died for us… Can we live for him? Isn’t He worth it?

Jesus died for us… Can we live for him?

Share how God is working in your life today by commenting below! Need prayer, Contact Me!

Proverbs 12 – Righteousness & Friendships

Happy Mother’s Day!!! I read a great quote today that said, “To all mothers: To those that have lost their mothers, to those who desperately long to be a mother, to those who selflessly love like a mother, to those who mother any and all beings, to the adoptives, surrogates, nurturers and creatives, to those that may not have birthed life but have birthed a life of their own, we honor you!” That. Is. Beautiful!

Let me add, to those that have lost a baby before it came to this earth and even though he or she is with Jesus, you are a mommy and you’re baby will always have a place in your heart! Happy Mother’s Day to you! I pray you are at peace and not sorrowful, knowing that you will see that sweet angel again some day!

As you may know, I’m behind a few days so this post will cover Proverbs 12. Here we see the author compare and contrast the righteous versus the wicked.

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