A quick personal post

Hey guys/gals! I hope you are enjoying Proverbs as much as I am! The Lord is really speaking to me and giving me opportunities to practice what I am learning. Keep praying for me and I am for you. The devil doesn’t want us to join forces against him. For years I felt like my “good” life was all I needed. But looking back, I missed out on many opportunities to really be a vessel for Him to use. Are you using your gifts for him? How can we do better? Jesus died for us… Can we live for him? Isn’t He worth it?

Jesus died for us… Can we live for him?

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Proverbs 12 – Righteousness & Friendships

Happy Mother’s Day!!! I read a great quote today that said, “To all mothers: To those that have lost their mothers, to those who desperately long to be a mother, to those who selflessly love like a mother, to those who mother any and all beings, to the adoptives, surrogates, nurturers and creatives, to those that may not have birthed life but have birthed a life of their own, we honor you!” That. Is. Beautiful!

Let me add, to those that have lost a baby before it came to this earth and even though he or she is with Jesus, you are a mommy and you’re baby will always have a place in your heart! Happy Mother’s Day to you! I pray you are at peace and not sorrowful, knowing that you will see that sweet angel again some day!

As you may know, I’m behind a few days so this post will cover Proverbs 12. Here we see the author compare and contrast the righteous versus the wicked.

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Proverbs 10 – Our tongue

I hope you had a blessed day! Today we are in Proverbs 10. I know this chapter (like many in Proverbs) has a lot of short bits of advice and they seem to be incoherent as to form a foundational idea. At least I feel this way. When I read a passage of scripture like this it seems like I’m being banged around like a pinball. Each verse seems to hop like a frog from one random topic to another and back again.

To save you the pages of commentary that it would be, should I try to give a remark on each verse, I am going to stick to my original plan and only talk about the verses that stick out and speak to me today.

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Proverbs 9 – Wisdom’s Promise

So far we have talked about what wisdom is, why it is important and how to use it and live within it.

One theme throughout Proverbs that I hope you’ve picked up on is that of Wisdom’s Promises.

In Proverbs 9:10-12, it says”:

11 For through wisdom your days will be many,
    and years will be added to your life.
12 If you are wise, your wisdom will reward you;
    if you are a mocker, you alone will suffer.

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Proverbs 8 – Wisdom’s Call & 5 Ways to Resist the Devil

How have you been doing? Keeping up? I’ll be honest, it’s been a rough last couple of days trying to write. The freshness has worn off and I’ve struggled to try and keep my heart open to what the Lord is trying to say to me. I don’t ever want to pull something out that isn’t there, or worse, miss what He has put there. Today’s chapter hit me right where I am. The Lord is good like that! When I am weak, he is strong. When I can’t… He can!

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Proverbs 7 – A slippery slope

Hi all! Yes, I know it’s later than I usually post but it’s been a full day! I hope your weekend has been blessed and you’re ready for another workweek.

Today we take a look at Proverbs 7. What an interesting chapter this is! It begins verse 1 by once again giving you the reminder to keep his commands. Are you beginning to see how important this is? It’s so very important that he gives you a word picture in verse 3 that says “Bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart.” Remember how you’ve always been told to put a string on your finger to remember something. This is similar. 

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